First Publication!

Dear my lovely readers,

Something exciting has occurred! I’ve been published!

Patheos published an article originally shared on Sitting in the Stacks. Remember back to “To Be or Not to Be: My Take on the Choice to be “Spiritual, but not Religious?” Yes? Well, that’s the article published to the Spirituality Channel. The article has been slightly modified, but the ideas conveyed are the same.




I’m Going M.I.A.

Hi all –

After a great month with the new Sitting in the Stacks format, I am sorry to say I will be missing in action for a brief period. From now until mid-April, I will be engrossed in making a tough decision. I have been accepted to two fantastic graduate programs and need to figure out the best school for me. During this time most of my mental energies will be split between work and this decision.

I intend to write from time to time and will post “FYI” articles and some book reviews. Please come back often and do not give up on Sitting in the Stacks. I will be writing again at full force once I make a decision about school.


Thank You!

Today was a BIG day here at Sitting in the Stacks. Beyond the excitement of writing about the newly elected Pope Francis I, certain records were reached.

Sitting in the Stacks has quickly expanded its reader base, since I changed the format at the end of January. I would like to thank all of the new followers and those who have liked posts. Big thanks to my family and friends who have assisted in promoting Sitting in the Stacks — your support and assistance has been invaluable.

Today Sitting in the Stacks had 36 visitors! These readers came from more than the 2 or 3 countries that usually visit Sitting in the Stacks (U.S, U.K, and Namibia – thanks Erika!). Readers came from the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Namibia, Spain, the Republic of South Korea, and Hungary.

Both Google and Bing directed people to my blog.

As of today, Sitting in the Stacks has 27 followers (WordPress readers and email subscribers).

Fifty-two posts later, I feel that Sitting in the Stacks is on its way to being read by more than my family (but thanks Dad and Sis!). Thank you to all of you who have helped make my blog and my love of writing come back to life!

And We’re Back! The Grand Opening of Sitting in the Stacks 2.0!

For years, Sitting in the Stacks has been a site for book lovers and my place to practice non-academic writing. However, I have wanted to expand my public writing presence for a while and am taking the first steps here. Sitting in the Stacks 2.0 is the product of my evolving career goals, which involve the addition of my childhood dream to be a writer & journalist. This site is now a location for me to self-publish my writings on religion, politics, and life, and to share the written creations of my imagination, all in an attempt to achieve my writing goals. Read more

I’m reading a tome…

and have not abandoned this project.  I realize it has been far too long since I posted and I apologize to all of you who started following Sitting in the Stacks only to be left without anything new to read. Where have I been? Well – it’s all coming to an end, college that is. I’ve been frantically rushing to get a draft of my senior project done and been trying to decide what to do next year. Now, that is my “I have too much to do” excuse. Read more

Hallmark Occasion

Hey guys! I have exciting news!  WordPress deemed me worthy to be at the top of the books tag page!! I’m sure it’s because you’ve all been avidly reading my blog.  So, THANKS!!!

It may seem silly, but I’m very excited about this fact. Keep on reading!

Oh, happy days!


Coffee, Class, and Capstoning

Life at college is, well, it’s busy. In the past two weeks I have read about magic, interfaith marriage, Judaism(s), and embodied religion. A lot of these readings have been journal articles, but the few that weren’t are not worth reviewing for the general public.  I could be wrong. Are you interested in Intermarriage and Conflict Resolution: Cross-cultural perspectives? Read more

Books, books, and more BOOKS!

Since my last review I have been writing graduate school applications, so I’m afraid the next two reviews on God is Not One and Freedom will have to be postponed until this weekend.

In the mean time, as a mode of procrastination, I found some funny quotations and a couple cartoons that make the coffee addict in me very happy.  Enjoy!

Never lend books, for no one ever returns them. The only books I have in my library are books that other folks have lent me. – Anatole France

This paperback is very interesting, but I find it will never replace a hardcover book — it makes a very poor doorstop.  – Alfred Hitchcock

Have you ever lent a book that was never returned?

What non-reading uses do you have for your books?

Caffeine related stories?

After a semester long sabbatical….

Hi all!  Sorry I just disappeared for a few months. Tomorrow I have my last two finals and then I can resume posting. It’s been a few crazy months for reading.  Sadly, all the reading I did was academic (except for the occasional Sedaris to get me through the stress). I’m thinking the first post back may be about awesome bookstores around the world, Sedaris, or interesting books I read for classes. I can tell you that I started a book last night!  WOW! It’s titled God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero. I highly suggest you check it out.  The introduction itself is riveting for me, but that could be my nerdiness showing through. Anywho…here’s some food for thought until I can post. What book(s) are you reading this holiday season? Best beach book(s)? What book(s) are you hoping to receive in gift form this holiday season?