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    After a semester long sabbatical….

    Hi all!  Sorry I just disappeared for a few months. Tomorrow I have my last two finals and then I can resume posting. It’s been a few crazy months for reading.  Sadly, all the reading I did was academic (except for the occasional Sedaris to get me through the stress). I’m thinking the first post back may be about awesome bookstores around the world, Sedaris, or interesting books I read for classes. I can tell you that I started a book last night!  WOW! It’s titled God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero. I highly suggest you check it out.  The introduction itself is riveting for me, but that could…

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    Bogged Down by Real Life

    As the summer comes to an end I’m getting bogged down by papers, books, and unending To Do lists.  Due to these mounting responsibilities I am going to take a short sabbatical.  I would rather keep reading for fun and share books with all of you, but my statistics class, research assistant position, and other course readings are pulling me away for the next 3 weeks.  Then, for 2 weeks after that I’ll be distracted by moving to my new apartment (yea!) and welcoming lovely first years to my wonderful college.  Hopefully I will post at least once between now and the next 5 weeks, but I do promise to…

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    New Technology and a Devlish Book

    I thought I’d pop in with a post while I’m between reviews.  Two things of mild importance have transpired recently that I think would be appealing to anyone who reads Sitting in the Stacks.  First, I have a new piece of technology that I think might just blow your mind, but I’m going to have to learn how to use it.  This new tech is the echo smartpen, produced by livescribe.  It has the catchy slogan, “Never miss a word.”