Want to write for Sitting in the Stacks?

Have you dragged your friends and family into another bookstore promising them it was the last one? Do you consider your books to be your most prized possession? Are you a fan of book humor that no one else seems to get?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are clearly passionate about all things books and should consider writing for Sitting in the Stacks.

Sitting in the Stacks is now accepting submissions for three categories: Read more

On Editing

Untitled InfographicAny good writer knows that editing is a crucial part of the writing process. It turns a random stream of consciousness, which is actually a page-long sentence, into coherent prose.

We all make typos and grammatical errors while writing. Editing polishes everything until the words flow like a sweet harmony off the page.

Yet, no two writers edit the same. There are various editing styles, ranging from when one edits to how. Read more

Ingredients of a book review

Someone asked me the other day how do I write a book review?

Sitting in the Stacks has been publishing since 2009, so writing a review now feels like second nature. It took me a reviewmoment to think of my reviewing process. How do I write a review?

The reviews on Sitting in the Stacks that I would label my “best” all have two things in common – an emotional connection to the book and discussing more than the book’s content. Read more