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    Ingredients of a book review

    Someone asked me the other day how do I write a book review? Sitting in the Stacks has been publishing since 2009, so writing a review now feels like second nature. It took me a moment to think of my reviewing process. How do I write a review? The reviews on Sitting in the Stacks that I would label my “best” all have two things in common – an emotional connection to the book and discussing more than the book’s content.

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    Poet Joseph Campbell

    Poetry has been on my mind again lately, as I’m reviving my hope to publish an anthology. The creative juices have been flowing. I just need to go through the piles of poems I’ve written over the years, take the decent ones, edit and compile. Easier said than done, of course!

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    Procrastination for Creativity

    Strategies and tools to overcome procrastination are plentiful. From time management schemes to new technological apps, everyone wants to combat procrastination. But what if procrastination actually helps you produce creative content? What if those hours avoiding the blank page contribute to that one beautiful line to trump all other sentences you’ve written?

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    Wisdom, Sometimes

    I want to swallow the world To know everything at my deepest core To intimately understand all To embrace omniscience To become Sophia …Sometimes Photo credit: Murdoch Campbell

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    The Writing Spot

    Athletes have their pre-game rituals. Performers have their pre-show regime. Writers have their spot. The writing spot provides focus and inspiration. It is the writer’s retreat from the world where words move from the imagination to the page. I think I can say with confidence that every writer has the spot even if it exist only in their mind, because location or money prohibit the imaginative spot from existing.

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    Sounds of the Soul

    The sounds of the world are an untuned orchestra — a crying baby clashing with the hum of a bee’s wings. Just as crashing cymbals jar the soothing purr of an oboe. How does a crashing wave rhythmically coasting across the sand accompany the honks of a NYC cab? To the ear — the sounds of the world are a cacophony. To the soul — the sounds of the world are in harmony.   – Inspired by reading Lit by Mary Karr. *Featured image credit to cbmd on Flickr.

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    Philosophizing Smiles

    The evening breeze cooled my sticky, sweat soaked skin as I swatted at the mosquitos in search of a meal. A welcomed chill ran up my spine as I glanced up at the summer stars above the rickety, wooden balcony that provided me a seat. The boy across from me rearranged the cement block he rested on, catching my attention. I breathed in the smell of salt and dirt coming from his sun-stained and tired body. A smirk crept across my lips as I watched his muscles tense and release in an effort to find comfort sitting on cement.

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    *This monologue was an assignment for a theatre class I took in middle school. Eventually I wrote a one-act play, which was performed by the class. Sadly, the word document of the play was corrupted and there was no back-up copy. It was very funny and well received. I wish I could post the script for you to read.  (Spot shins on – Two arms chairs. One side-table with a glass of water.) (enter stage right) I know I’m late, but I’ve discovered a new phobia. I now have amaxophobia, fear of riding in vehicles. I know, I know you’re gonna think that I just discovered this one on the internet,…

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    * This poem comes with a disclaimer. It was written years ago when I was very angry at organized religion. imprinted by creeds of omniscient oracles knees and palms are pierced by gravel we beg for our penance