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    Philosophizing Smiles

    The evening breeze cooled my sticky, sweat soaked skin as I swatted at the mosquitos in search of a meal. A welcomed chill ran up my spine as I glanced up at the summer stars above the rickety, wooden balcony that provided me a seat. The boy across from me rearranged the cement block he rested on, catching my attention. I breathed in the smell of salt and dirt coming from his sun-stained and tired body. A smirk crept across my lips as I watched his muscles tense and release in an effort to find comfort sitting on cement.

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    *This monologue was an assignment for a theatre class I took in middle school. Eventually I wrote a one-act play, which was performed by the class. Sadly, the word document of the play was corrupted and there was no back-up copy. It was very funny and wellย received. I wish I could post the script for you to read.ย  (Spot shins on – Two arms chairs. One side-table with a glass of water.) (enter stage right) I know I’m late, but I’ve discovered a new phobia. I now have amaxophobia, fear of riding in vehicles. I know, I know you’re gonna think that I just discovered this one on the internet,…