On Editing

Untitled InfographicAny good writer knows that editing is a crucial part of the writing process. It turns a random stream of consciousness, which is actually a page-long sentence, into coherent prose.

We all make typos and grammatical errors while writing. Editing polishes everything until the words flow like a sweet harmony off the page.

Yet, no two writers edit the same. There are various editing styles, ranging from when one edits to how. Read more

Ingredients of a book review

Someone asked me the other day how do I write a book review?

Sitting in the Stacks has been publishing since 2009, so writing a review now feels like second nature. It took me a reviewmoment to think of my reviewing process. How do I write a review?

The reviews on Sitting in the Stacks that I would label my “best” all have two things in common – an emotional connection to the book and discussing more than the book’s content. Read more

The Writing Spot

writing spotAthletes have their pre-game rituals. Performers have their pre-show regime. Writers have their spot.

The writing spot provides focus and inspiration. It is the writer’s retreat from the world where words move from the imagination to the page.

I think I can say with confidence that every writer has the spot even if it exist only in their mind, because location or money prohibit the imaginative spot from existing. Read more