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    Mediated Musings

    Musing as a word has always appealed to me. It’s a moment of reflection or thought. It builds off of the inspiration-giving muses of Greek and Roman mythology that are also connected to early scholarly pursuits. In these two meanings alone “musing” combines history, religion, scholarship, and reflection. It doesn’t hurt that “musing” makes me think of “moo” and then I laugh, because — well, cows. In many ways, musing has come to represent my intellectual life. I’ve used it as a name in multiple blogs since high school and I always come back to this word when I muse on the process of thinking itself. (Yes — that was…

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    Shakespeare & Co. – Philly

    In January 2019 I visited some friend in Philadelphia and of course a bookstore visit had to happen. I fell in love the moment I stepped into Shakespeare & Co. on that cold, dark January night. This combination coffee shop and bookstore smelled like coffee and baked goods. I could easily imagine myself sitting at a corner table with a warm mug, chocolate croissant, and getting lost in a new book. Shakespeare & Co. has two floors you can wander and get lost in. This bookstore visit holds a special place because it’s where I was introduced to N.K. Jemisin’s work. She is a science fiction writer who has won…

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    Understanding White Supremacy

    Multitudes of guides have come out recently about white supremacy and anti-racism. These resources aim to introduce white folxs to the concept of white supremacy as a system of power in which all are complicit. Since Sitting in the Stacks originated as a book review blog, I have aggregated various resource lists here. I have also included some of my personal favorites that helped me step from behind the heavy, blinding curtain of white privilege to recognize the systemic violence and oppression that is on-going in the United States. If you’re already rolling your eyes and trying to argue with the first paragraph, you’re definitely in need of these resources.…

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    I started an Instagram account to explore the connection between word and image that I began on Sitting in the Stacks. I’ve always been interested in possibly publishing a book of poetry that is paired or placed on top of my photography. Etched in Bark is where I’m testing out this dream.

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    The Populist Nationalist

    Over Memorial Day weekend in 2019, I attended a conference in Washington, D.C. The timing of the conference was particularly interesting given the meeting I attended — Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion. Who wouldn’t want to discuss populist politics and religion during a holiday weekend? One trend that I noticed in multiple presentations during the Global Populism meeting was that multiple populist movements overlapped with nationalist rhetoric. The Hindutva movement in India positions itself as the holder of the true Indian identity. In Hungry, President Orban centers Catholicism against Islam as the Hungarian culture. Brexiters want to make the UK “British” again. Lastly, Trumpian populism 100 percent…

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    The Self in Study

    When the microphone and questions are turned toward the journalist or researcher they tend to cringe. It’s uncomfortable to be the object of study. In fact, many of us have been trained to believe that we are not a part of the study — the self must be aloof, detached, objective. Of course this mindset has shifted in some fields of work, including my own, but even those of us who champion self-reflective, feminist methods of positionality can be reticent to step to the other side of the researcher-subject relationship. Yet, that’s exactly what I had to do this past semester. I or more specifically my genes became the object…

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    Looking at the Weekly Reading Mill

    Welcome to the first Weekly Wrap of the revived Sitting in the Stacks! As in the past, these posts will include a large infographic highlighting what I’m currently reading, recently read, and what’s next. I also highly recommend looking at the bottom of the infographics each time as I try to incorporate interesting quotations. First, let’s look at recent…

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    Zombie Stacks, Or the Revival of an Old Friend Lazarus Style

    It’s alive!!! Sitting in the Stacks has received a much-needed makeover and is getting a second chance among the living. After two years of silence, I’m back with new book reviews, bookstores, and a whole new Musings area. For those of you who follow SitS on Twitter already know there’s a new direction for this blog. Sitting in the Stacks will incorporate more posts related to my work readings and reflective pieces on academic life. These changes don’t mean a significant shift in the layout or tone of the site. It’s the content of SitS that will shift, although it’s a slight change.