Landmark Books, among Michigan history and ghosts

Landmark Books, among Michigan history and ghosts

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.26.04 PMTucked away at the edge of a northern Michigan city is an tract of land that used to be occupied by a mental hospital. Among the halls that once housed institutionalized women is a bookstore.

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, formerly the Traverse City State Hospital, houses shops, restaurants, and residences. It’s become a mini-town on 480 acres of grassy land. Read more

Millennials are reading more

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It may come as no surprise to fellow book lovers that books and libraries are important.

What may be surprising is that Americans under 30 report reading more than adults over 30!

Take that critics of the Millennial generation!

An Atlantic article reports on a recent Pew survey of over 6,000 Americans. The findings are interesting and highlight the young generation’s appreciation for knowledge and information. Read more

On Editing

Untitled InfographicAny good writer knows that editing is a crucial part of the writing process. It turns a random stream of consciousness, which is actually a page-long sentence, into coherent prose.

We all make typos and grammatical errors while writing. Editing polishes everything until the words flow like a sweet harmony off the page.

Yet, no two writers edit the same. There are various editing styles, ranging from when one edits to how. Read more

Boulder Bookstore

boulder bookstoreA standard part of visiting any new city is finding a local bookstore. If one doesn’t exist, eh…maybe not my kind of place. If there is a local bookstore, it can tell you a lot about the town.

Boulder Bookstore, located on Pearl Street Mall, definitely provides an overview of the town’s personality. Situated on three floors with various “wings,” the store offersboulder bookstore everything from the latest fiction to meditation cushions. Read more

6 Enchanting Libraries from Film and TV

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.05.12 PMLists of the world’s most beautiful libraries are not hard to come by on the Internet. Everyone from Buzzfeed to Architectural Digest has curated their list of the most spectacular and breathtaking libraries.

What about fictional libraries? We’ve all read books that describe a heavenly home for books where every volume you can imagine lives. We’ve built these libraries in our imaginations and sometimes they’ve been recreated for the screen.

Of course the TV and film versions don’t always match our internal creation. Sometimes, though, what we see on the screen is simply stunning. Read more