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    Murder in Paris: Aimee Leduc Investigations

    Earlier this summer a fellow book blogger shared that she was reading Murder on the Quai (the most recent release in the series). I was instantly intrigued as I had recently finished all the books in the Tana French Dublin Murder Squad series and was aching for a new mystery. It didn’t hurt that the scene for Murder on the Quai was Paris. My interest in all things francophone was piqued. Months later and three books down, I have become smitten with Cara Black’s mystery series.

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    The Group — Mary McCarthy’s novel of 1930s women

    The Group by Mary McCarthy follows eight girls through the experiences of adulthood, marriage, and careers in Depression-era New York City. The upper-middle class women each have their own vignette played-out over various chapters. One woman is the focus of each chapter even though various characters pop in and out of the narrative. Reading this book contributed to these challenges:20 In Your 20s

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    To Kill A Mockingbird

      Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is assigned reading in most middle schools and high schools. I can still recall sitting in 8th English talking about Scout and Atticus Finch. As I aged, these memories stuck with me and Scout, Atticus, and Boo Radley were recognizable names. Their personalities and stories, however, were replaced by other characters and other memories. Reading this book contributed to these challenges:Read Like Rory

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    Anthropology of an American Girl

      When I first picked up “Anthropology of an American Girl,” I approached it with sarcasm. A friend of mine had joked about developing an American Studies class about the elusive American Girl. My response to him was that Hilary Thayer Hamann’s book could potentially be the textbook. After reading Hamann’s work, though, I am flabbergasted and regret my prior scoffing.

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    Misdirection (Rusty Diamond Trilogy)

      *This post is the 2nd stop on the Misdirection blog tour. Austin Williams’ first book in the Rusty Diamond Trilogy is aptly named. At every turn of the plot there is a sleigh-of-hand misdirecting the reader from Rusty’s next move. As a thriller and crime book centered around an ex-magician I thought Misdirection was too far outside of my genre comfort zone. However, as with magic, this book took me completely by surprise!

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    Outlander Review: Romantic History

      In lieu of the Scottish vote yesterday on the independence referendum it seemed appropriate to replace today’s Friday Findings with the review of Outlander. Although current Scots chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom, the Scottish in Outlander have far less sympathy for their English neighbors.

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    River God

      “River God” transports you back in time to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the beloved slave Taita. Through Taita the reader experiences the immense love of childhood friends turned lovers, the glory and melancholy of a nation at war, and the intricacies of Egyptian culture and religion.