Powell’s Books: Bookstores of the World

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.26.04 PMThe following is a guest post written by my sister, Katy. On a recent trip to Portland she sent me numerous texts raging about Powell’s Books. Of course, I had to request a guest post on the store. Please enjoy her reflections on Powell’s. 

*The following opinions are solely that of the author.



In December of 2011, I ordered some Christmas gifts from Barnes and Noble.  I cannot remember why I chose them over Amazon, but I do remember the result.  In spite of paying a fee for expedited shipping, the items did not arrive before Christmas, and Barnes and Noble refused to refund my shipping costs.  In my fury, I took to Facebook telling people of my anger and everyone told me I was stupid not to use Amazon.  Except for a select few friends…

These friends all live in the Portland area and insisted I should have ordered from some store called Powell’s Books.  I scoffed at them not knowing how I would have known of some local corner bookshop.

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