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    If you hadn’t guessed, I’m back in school. This time it is the big bad world of graduate school. Between reading 500+ pages a week, research, trying to figure out what I want to do, and generally attempting to remain sane — Sitting in the Stacks has taken a back seat. Though, I am in the process of finishing Moby Dick. Whether I will have anything constructive to say, because it has been about 2 months since I’ve really read it. Fingers crossed, I will have something by the end of December (maybe earlier if we’re lucky).

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    Cook&Book: Bookstores of the World

    I should be scolded. When I first came up with the idea for the “Bookstores of the World” series, I was in Brussels. It only hit me 5 seconds ago that I have yet to review my favorite (well, one of them) bookstore in Brussels.  Thanks to relational memory and the comment from Emily over at Le Petit Four,* I rediscovered COOK&BOOK! *Check her out!  She’s awesome, and not just because she commented and you didn’t.