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    WWW Wednesday 7/23/14

    I am happy to announce in this WWW Wednesday post that I finished The Boys in the Boat! It was a fantastic read and I look forward to reviewing it soon. This week I introduce a new book that I am reading for work and reveal my next read.

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    WWW Wednesday, July 2, 2014: The beginning to a summer of books

    School is out for summer and we all know what that means — FUN READING! Now that I have dug my way out of the pile of research, school books, and papers burying me for the last 8.5 months it is time for a new installment of WWW Wednesdays! Over the summer, WWW Wednesdays will not have a “School” section, but only discuss all the “For Fun” books I can get my hands on. As an added bonus, I am including my first ever infographic!

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    Falling Books – A Book Fountain

    What book lover wouldn’t want this book fountain? This photo was shared with me by some readers. It is the fountain outside the Cincinnati Public Library.   Thanks for the photo! Do you have a book related finding you want to share on Sitting on the Stacks? Submit the request here.

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    Sitting In The Stacks Goes Social and Returns to Books

    I’m back!! Now that summer is upon us and piles of school work are temporarily in the past, Sitting In The Stacks comes back to life. There are few newsworthy items to discuss. 1) Sitting In The Stacks is returning to focus primarily on books and writing. I feel that this will streamline the site’s content and allow me to post more regularly, as I am always reading and writing. This does not mean “Musings” has disappeared, but posts to this section will be minimal. In line with this “rebranding,” Sitting In The Stacks received a makeover.

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    W.W.W. Wednesdays: April 30, 2014

    It’s the last day of April!! Can you believe it? I cannot. At least the weather here in the Midwest has begun to cooperate. Outside looks and feels like Spring rather than Winter. I also cannot believe it’s going to be May, because that means I have five weeks left in the school year. I have five weeks to write 3 papers and these are not tiny, friendly essays. Breathe, as I used to say to my friends working the 2008 Presidential campaign. Just breathe. On that note, let’s get to this weeks W.W.W. Wednesday!

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    Curated Shelves and the Sex Appeal of Books

    In the past, I have bemoaned the mounting popularity of the e-reader only to admit that the rising price of books, cost of printing and the long required reading lists for school pushed me to begin using an iPad. I walked around in shame that, as a self-identified bibliophile, I used an e-reader. Nothing made me happier than buying a new (tangible)  book, throwing it in my purse and reading it out in the world. I never viewed this as a bragging act or an attempt to gain certain status in the eyes of others, but Mireille Silcoff’s article for the the New York Times Magazine has me wondering about my intentions.