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    The Sinfully Good End of Summer Read (brought to you by the Devil himself)

      Does anyone else remember the song “One of Us” by Joan Osborne? Well, what if Satan was one of us?  In Glen Duncan’s book I, Lucifer humanity is graced by a mortal, fleshly Lucifer.  I, Lucifer is the tell all, or as Lucifer corrects “tell some,” about the famous story of the fallen angel.  Yet, there’s a twist.  God has offered to let Lucifer return to heaven if he can live out a mortal life without being too sinful.  Lucifer, taking the offer as a joke, accepts a one-month trial in the body of Declan Gunn, but he discovers human life isn’t as much of a joy ride as…

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    New Technology and a Devlish Book

    I thought I’d pop in with a post while I’m between reviews.  Two things of mild importance have transpired recently that I think would be appealing to anyone who reads Sitting in the Stacks.  First, I have a new piece of technology that I think might just blow your mind, but I’m going to have to learn how to use it.  This new tech is the echo smartpen, produced by livescribe.  It has the catchy slogan, “Never miss a word.”