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    From the Desert To the Improbable: The Tenth Saint and An Archeological Adventure

      The arid, unforgiving desert of Ethiopia plays host to the majority of D.J Niko’s thrilling novel. The Tenth Saint follows the work of Sarah Weston, an Oxford trained archeologist too independent for her own good. While on a dig, Sarah uncovers a tomb filled with perplexing finds. A tall, white man with good and advanced dentistry dating to the 4th century? An obscure dialect carved into the walls? Sarah, driven by a wish to learn and share the past, dives into an archeological mystery that will threaten her life,  her career, and question the impossible.

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    A Book To Be Digested Very Slowly: The Name of the Rose

      *Before I relate the tale of The Name of the RoseI feel I owe anyone who stuck through my prolonged absence a sincere apology. To anyone who thinks I relinquished my love of books, I say fie! In all honesty — I was lazy. After graduating from college I went on a literal and metaphorical holiday. I literally traveled to two states and one country. I metaphorically took a hiatus in a land of no responsibility. As summer comes to an end, I find myself restless (as usual) and ready to attend to sharing literary findings again. That and graduate school is around the corner — gulp. On to…

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    Save the Middle East, Save the World: One man’s memoir and his hopes for the future

      Jordanian King Abdullah II published his memoir in the historical, anecdotal, and topical book Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril.  In an attempt to share his “memories, impressions, and views,” King Abdullah writes a detailed chronology of his life according to the events revolving around the Middle East crisis.