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    Journalist Poet Publishes Anthology

    For those who don’t know, I’m a sucker for good poetry. My favorite poet is e.e. cummings. There may or may not be a teddy bear in my past with the name “e.e.” It’s great, then, when good poetry combines with another topic of interest.

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    Sounds of the Soul

    The sounds of the world are an untuned orchestra — a crying baby clashing with the hum of a bee’s wings. Just as crashing cymbals jar the soothing purr of an oboe. How does a crashing wave rhythmically coasting across the sand accompany the honks of a NYC cab? To the ear — the sounds of the world are a cacophony. To the soul — the sounds of the world are in harmony.   – Inspired by reading Lit by Mary Karr. *Featured image credit to cbmd on Flickr.

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    Art of Time

    hues of black and white splashed with colors bright, illustrate memories of a life haunted by joy and strife. brush strokes twist and bend tableus of life until its end. images unseen with outward eyes express the experience of human ties. but oils begin to melt as times fades each event ever felt. whispering thoughts of the past dissolve memories that cannot last. yet, each canvas shall remain awaiting —  another painting stain.