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    Common Good Books: Bookstores of the World

    This may be a record for school time – two posts in one week! It may even end up being three in one week, because I finished Are You There Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea last night. ****************************************************************** In Saint Paul, Minnesota there is a small bookstore on Cathedral Hill called Common Good Books. My first encounter with this hidden gem was during a study break. Two years ago I was studiously working away on some assignment in Nina’s Coffee Cafe when I decided procrastination would be more rewarding. Off to the side of Nina’s there is a small staircase that leads to Wonderland, with a giant arrow that reads “Common…

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    When Reality is Seemingly Condensed into 597 Pages

      Sitting in the Stacks Rating: 3.5 (this requires an explanation) My explanation behind giving this book a 3.5 instead of a 4 deals with the cynical view of life the book gave me for a period of time. Although I was riveted to the storyline and would stay up until 2am reading, every page was also a punch in the gut. Adultery, death, self-deprecation, rape, lies, depression, death, etc, this book has it all and constantly reminds you shit can and does happen in life.