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    Detroit City: Home In A Book

    This WWW Wednesday: I finally finished The Boys In The Boat, for those of you who missed last week’s post!! This week there are two books on the nightstand and they’re both enjoyable. I am clearly biased towards one (as the title of this post suggests), because it discusses one of my favorite topics — Detroit!

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    Book Reviews Coming Soon & More

    Posting on Sitting in the Stacks has been inconsistent lately and it’s my hope to remedy that problem. We’re all busy folks, but many of you take the time to visit SitS regularly and I believe you deserve content. To help, here is a little sneak peak at what is to come in the next few weeks! This does the double duty of letting you know to check back soon and holding me responsible for what I guaranteed.

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    WWW Wednesday: A Book A Day Keeps The Traffic At Bay

    It’s Wednesday and we all know what that means…WWW Wednesday! This summer edition of WWW Wednesday includes a new item — an audiobook! I only have one previous encounter with audiobooks and that was as a child. During a road trip, my friend’s mom played one of the Harry Potter books for us. I remember really enjoying that experience, so I’m very surprised it has taken me this long to try another audiobook.

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    WWW Wednesday, July 2, 2014: The beginning to a summer of books

    School is out for summer and we all know what that means — FUN READING! Now that I have dug my way out of the pile of research, school books, and papers burying me for the last 8.5 months it is time for a new installment of WWW Wednesdays! Over the summer, WWW Wednesdays will not have a “School” section, but only discuss all the “For Fun” books I can get my hands on. As an added bonus, I am including my first ever infographic!

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    W.W.W. Wednesdays: April 30, 2014

    It’s the last day of April!! Can you believe it? I cannot. At least the weather here in the Midwest has begun to cooperate. Outside looks and feels like Spring rather than Winter. I also cannot believe it’s going to be May, because that means I have five weeks left in the school year. I have five weeks to write 3 papers and these are not tiny, friendly essays. Breathe, as I used to say to my friends working the 2008 Presidential campaign. Just breathe. On that note, let’s get to this weeks W.W.W. Wednesday!

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    W.W.W. Wednesdays: April 23, 2014

    As there is still an hour left is Wednesday, I would like to introduce one of the two new initiatives I hope to keep up with on Sitting in the Stacks.  WWW Wednesdays comes from the blog Should Be Reading. Every Wednesday, Should Be Reading, and other blogs, such as Heart of Sultana, post the three Ws of reading: • What are you currently reading?• What did you recently finish reading?• What do you think you’ll read next?